Preparing Golf Green Maps Using Photogrammetry and the P4P V2

Jul 19, 2021
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Hi I’m new to your group. I’m in Malaysia and am 72 and keeping myself busy on various projects. My objective is to use my P4P V2 to take pictures of golf greens and to use photogrammetry to reconstruct 3D model of each golf green. I will then use my 3D models to prepare contour plans (5 cm level interval) and to shade these to indicate degree of slope – 1% increment (1% to 8% max). I will use the DJI GS Pro App for an autonomous P4P flight for each golf green. This will be at 30 to 40 feet above each green so each pixel is equivalent to each blade of grass. BTW – each golf green has approx 50 million blades of grass, each trimmed to 1/8”. There is little to distinguish one blade of grass from another. From my experience with photogrammetry, good focus is essential. Since the reconstruction relies on the overlapping images – a poor image is like a “weak link in a chain.”

I think the P4P is a great drone. The DJI GS Pro App also seems up to it. I have read through some of your previous relevant threads and it seems that some of your pilots have found that despite their best efforts – they get many out of focus images when using the P4P with autonomous flights. The golf manager is giving me an early start but I have to keep ahead of the golfers. So within 15 minutes, I need to set up and fly each mission, pack up and head to the next green. Achieving this flying manually – this schedule is not realistic According to GS Pro – I can fly each P4P mission in under 2 minutes. If I’m late, I need to abort and also jump the next green and re-start. I cannot check the output until the end of the day.

Advice Sought – How to solve the focus problem on the P4P so that I can be confident of having the 200 or so crisp images for each green autonomous mission? Any other suggestions?
Jun 9, 2020
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San Francisco, California, USA
I think you are going to find that pictures taken 30' above ground level is too low. When you make the map and all the computer can see is green grass in each frame, it will have an impossible task matching the edges. I would also be aware of the trees, flying in a lawn mower pattern autonomously at 30' AGL on a golf course is dangerous for the drone. I would fly 120' AGL with the gimbal at -90 degrees and get 80% overlap front and side so there are plenty of matching edges. This will give you a very good 3D model, and you may find that when making 3D models, higher is better.

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