Phantom 3 - Jumpy video from Premier Pro - help please!

Jul 14, 2016
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I'm having trouble understanding what's going on with Phantom video.
I filmed some sequences that don't seem to go through Premier Pro and end up smooth even though the original .mov source captures are smooth.

Looking at the raw .mov files in Quicktime and they're very smooth - at least smooth enough that i'm happy with it. See them uploaded here:

In this first example, it's just the first 10 seconds I'm talking about. It's pretty smooth. Smooth enough

In this second example, it's the section starting at 3:02 that's part of the bigger sequence below.

Then I put these .movs into Premier Pro and export it and now it's all jumpy. Oddly, not all of the sequences are jumpy but a few really are. I export it at the same framerate I captured it (23.976) and am only changing the resolution from 2.7K to 1080. If anything that should make the resulting video less dense and maybe smoother.

This is the first draft of a short movie I'm putting together. Nothing has been color corrected at all. The sequences I mentioned earlier can be seen at
1:29 - first sequence starts
1:39 - second sequence starts

Why are some of these sequences so jumpy after going through Premier, when the original captures are so much smoother??
What am I doing wrong?

I hope someone can help!
I use premier pro. Jumpy meaning lag issue? May want to increase the ram in your computer. I had to increase after CC updates last year

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No, the computer is fast enough. Note that it plays the originally captured .mov files nice and smooth. It's only once they've been through Premiere that [some] of the clips get jumpy...

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