1. N

    .MOV stutters and .MP4 doesn't in FCP

    I loaded a .mov 4k file from my PH4 into Final Cut Pro. Horrible stuttering made it impossible to play even in rendered version. I know I can work in Proxy but was curious to see if the MP4 version would have the same issues. I converted the file in a video converter to MP4 keeping all the same...
  2. M

    Phantom 3 - Jumpy video from Premier Pro - help please!

    I'm having trouble understanding what's going on with Phantom video. I filmed some sequences that don't seem to go through Premier Pro and end up smooth even though the original .mov source captures are smooth. Looking at the raw .mov files in Quicktime and they're very smooth - at least smooth...
  3. fabbio

    Question for phantom-Videomakers: jerky 4K footage

    Dears, I don't know if someone already solved this problem, but sometimes I have jerky/stuttering 4K footage from my P3P as if some frames were not recorded at all. Problems are right into the original file taken from the bird, so naturally also in the relative Apple ProRes 422 converted ones...