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Phantom 3 Camera from a inside look - should I "upgrade"......

Discussion in 'Pro/Adv Discussion' started by Photofun, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. Photofun

    Nov 1, 2015
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    Now that the Phantom 4 is launched I see a flood of P3A's and P3P's on sale forcing the already ridiculously low prices further down...... Then I look over to the P4 forum and just like it were when the P3 were launched folks rave about the great image quality and the "improved" video quality of the P3 then and the P4 today.

    So why write this post? Simply because I believe nothing significantly has been improved from the P2V+ to the P3 to the P4 to warrant any raving. In fact my older P2V+ had significant better IQ & video than my P3A.

    What do you see in the attached images? I took the P3A camera unit apart so you guys can see just how basic it is and why the image quality or video you get from it is what we all experience...... That said there will be a few owners that are really happy and the reason is simply the huge variances from product to product coming from the factory. As I said in previous posts, GO Pro use a similar camera configuration with success.

    Few comments on the images you will see. The camera unit is as basic as it can get, sensor, lens unit screwed onto the sensor board. The lens is fixed in one "focussed" position and glued onto the inner casing of the camera body. The lens as you will see is as basic as it gets, no special glass (probably all plastic) elements, no prevention for stray light are made, no controlled light path to the lens.......really as crude and as basic as it gets.....

    I also added a image of the Panasonic LX7 that offers a clever aperture control, auto focus, highly advanced lens and plenty light path control to really optimize the image or video quality.... With the P3 and probably P4 camera unit no control takes place inside the lens/camera unit, the incoming light will basically bounch all over the inside of the camera housing (silver reflecting surfaces) which will result in several image related problems. I guess the P2 camera unit were outsourced at the time and are probably better constructed and therefore the less basic lens/camera unit issues......

    Am I unhappy with DJI? Not really, I think the P3A I own is a great product, I love the fully integrated nature of the control and image / video capabilities. Do I want a P4? Please NOOOO!!!! Why not? Simply because I like to use my drone together with my other pro quality video and camera equipment. Drones provide a different perspective (thank you DJI) and so much more options but never on its own. Its when you integrate the poor poor quality coming from your P3 or future P4 (uses the same camera unit as P3) that you realize how bad the quality is......

    DJI please go develop us a tool that is worthy. I believe the 1st drone manufacturer that will do exactly this will become the future leader.......

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