Phantom 2 Vision + w/ 3 batteries + prop guards

Sep 15, 2014
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I am looking to sell my P2v+ w 3 total batteries , prop guards, and I also have a gimbal protector on it as well.

It flies like a champ. I probably have around 20 hours of total flight time... I bought it late in the season last year and time got away from me.

I can provide you with footage of it flying. I can even do a facetime video with you while I fly it if you want to see it in action prior to purchase.

I understand an expensive piece of equipment like this that there needs to be trust.

please check out mmibseller at ebay, where my feedback is 100% positive.

I am asking $800 total for the entire package. Again 2 extra (3 total) batteries, is a huge chunk of extra change.
PM me if interested.

EDIT : i almost immediately changed the price to 800$. I re thought my position and wanted to offer it a little cheaper so I can find the right buyer quicker.

thank you
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