Phantom 2 vision plus, upgrades suggestions 2022

Aug 31, 2022
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Howdy All

After some suggestions on upgrades, I have been given a Phantom 2 vision plus which needs some fixing up.

Have watched a few videos on upgrades but find most of the links on the videos to be too old/expired store items.

One thing I would love to start on is a GoPro setup that feeds back to the DJI Vision app, most of the suggestions date back to 2014/2016 for the GoPro4, would a newer GoPro work better?

My thinking is being 2022 there might be better upgrades and maybe cheaper prices.

E.g. Battery replacement, Props, Antenna Circular Polarized.

Thank you for the suggestion!
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I lined the top of mine with copper foil that shields the GPS antenna from the rest of the interior. It definitely improved my satellite situation. And it can't hurt. I also use a small piece of a small tie wrap to better secure the GPS molex cable connector at the board end (not the antenna end). This is to prevent it from accidentally coming apart. It's a "just in case" for sure. It is not a clipped connector, it just slides in and is a bit loose. There were reports many years ago of that being a possible culprit of flyaways. I also have a bracket on my gimbal to help prevent damage in the event of a crash. I have never crashed mine in the nearly 10 (I think?) years I have had it. I have no recollection of where I got the bracket it was so long ago. I also have a spare camera cable (the flat black one) I bought when they were hard to find in the early years. I bet they are way harder to find now. I also have a directional Itelite antenna that plugs into my modded extender AND my modded controller. Works very well.

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