Standard phantom 2 vision plus gimbal noise

Nov 12, 2015
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i am just fitting a new ESC in a phantom 2 vision + after it landing what you call heavy (hit a wall) on way back, but no real damage apart from green led lights on rear arm dosn't work hence the esc replacement, it also bent the yaw arm on the gimbal making the camera look to the leg, i have managed to straighten the arm (carefully) as there where no cracks in the jaw arm, camera gimbal is facing forward and gimbal works fine camera now looking forward, but and a big but ? have a fault when switching on the aircraft , when placed flat on bench and switch battery on (controller on first or without) its on the level but gimbal still tries to level itself and makes a clicking noise, move the aircraft on a slant move forward /backword its works fine with no noise and camera forward, place it back as if taking off or landing and noise comes back as it still tries to self level, Took it to quadcopters this week and he said the gimbal was knackered and need to buy a new gimbal/camera if you can find one (as if ) anybody else had similar problems and managed to fix? sorry wrong page transfer to phantom 2 help
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