Phantom 2 vision+ Have all the FPV wifi boards gone now?

Oct 15, 2015
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Hello DJI connected people,

So here I am, with my good wishes and possibly a P2 v+ ver 3.0 for sale or I can try to get lucky and find someone who has the FTP board that one attaches an arduino unit to for re-flashing.

I know, why am I messing with this and not using a mavic 2 pro or zoom, well the truth is haven't quite got the funding yet and I am still reeling a bit from my Phantom 3 experiences, which I bought from Maplins as soon as they were available, and when I issued my concerns here, I got labelled as another company trying to discredit DJI, (which obviously wasn't the case) Must have been too Moany for the Moderators as I got banned. So I returned my P3 to maplins and went back to my p2v+ which has served me well.

My whole reason for posting today is to find out if I can get a new board or wifi module for a reasonable price or to advertise it for spares, as I have messed the board up with my ham fisted soldering technique. I have successfully flashed a board from another P"+ but this one I have burned the jumper posts off. (Yep , I know cringe, Sorry) and that is the top and bottom of my post. I think this one is going to be a dead one.

I will keep an eye on any replies for a while, but I think there are relatively fewer of us in this section than some with the more up to date models. Just putting it out there . . .( here . .)

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