wifi module

  1. D

    Phantom 2 vision plus black screen

    Good day, I had black screen issues on my p2v+ and got it sorted with reflashing the wifi moddule botrtom board. Left the drone for a couple of weeks and started having intermittent FPV no I have nothing and reflashed the board again and picking up wifi with wifi analyzer but getting the...
  2. N

    Do both the P2 vision and P2 vision plus have the same wifi module?

    Hey guys, First time posting here, Found lots of great information on here however i have come to a point where i am a bit stuck and hoping someone can help me out. I have recently purchased my first drone, a second hand Phantom 2 Vision (came with fc200 camera on a single axial mount). Plugged...
  3. D

    Phantom 2 vision+ Have all the FPV wifi boards gone now?

    Hello DJI connected people, So here I am, with my good wishes and possibly a P2 v+ ver 3.0 for sale or I can try to get lucky and find someone who has the FTP board that one attaches an arduino unit to for re-flashing. I know, why am I messing with this and not using a mavic 2 pro or zoom...
  4. Brent10

    P2V+ Black Screen: DJI to Offer P2 Care Plan for certain Phantom 2 users

    Looks like those of us with the P2V+ black screen problem may qualify for repair/replacement. However, I have already opened up my wifi module and left evidence of soldering when I re-flashed the NAND chip (which fixed it for three days). So mine may not qualify for the Care Plan given that it...
  5. Paul007uk

    Help finding wifi module

    Hi i have been trying to find a wifi module for the phantom 2 vision plus due to lost live video feed. Have contacted dji whos advice was look on ebay or google search, thats what i did and found all are either sold out or discontinued. So i am under the impression they no longer manufacture...
  6. S

    Phantom 2 Vision - WiFi Module

    Need a replacement wifi module for my Phantom 2 vision. Any spare parts available from damaged craft?
  7. Stringer News

    Parting out Phantom 2 Vision Plus

    Hey guys and gals, I am parting out my 2 year old, never crashed, P2V+. 2 Batteries which hold charge as if they are new. I never short charge them. All of the accessories that came with the unit brand new. I'm even selling off the custom hard case. I bought a new unit and don't want this...
  8. K

    Put in new Wifi Module...still can't fly

    This is super frustrating - I crashed my V2+ back in March, I had torn the ribbon on my gimbal, so after a failed attempt at replacing it, I bought a new camera/gimbal. Flew it once then my wifi module burned out. I finally figured things out when trying to ping it at and it...
  9. K

    Wifi Module substitution / alternative

    I live in Nicaragua and getting stuff down here is not easy. As in there is no access to Amazon, ebay, etc and the parrot express is unreliable. The bottom board on my wifi module on my Phantom 2 vision plus has burned out and I need a new one. Actually, all I need to to be able to fly the...
  10. S

    Video feed lost on rec/take image

    Hi everybody! So, like a lot of people around here, I also have a Phantom Vision 2 + with video feed problem. When I press the REC button (or try to take a pic), I get the shutter animation followed by a black screen with "Phantom connection broken" and the video feed never gets back. I need...
  11. AndyA

    Wanted: P2V+ internal WiFi module (PVP-03)

    After a forced update earlier this year my video downlink completely broke, I have narrowed it down to a bad WiFi module but don't really feel like spending halv the Phantom's worth buying a new one from the store, just to sell it and upgrade to a P4.. So if anyone has a spare laying around...
  12. Mako79

    Looking for Dead WiFi Modules

    Does anyone have any dead wifi modules they donate?