Phantom 2 gopro fatshark iosd setup

Oct 17, 2015
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I recently purchased a used phantom 2 that came with an iosd mini board on it. I have a gopro here 3 and a cheap ebay cnc gimbal. How the heck do I get the video into the fatshark along with the iosd mini? Do i need to solder the iosd into a usb out of the gopro?
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Time for some research my friend. You are missing some parts of the equation, or maybe you have them and didn't mention it. You will need a 5.8HGz A/V transmitter, for example a Boscam or Immersion brand TX. The TX sends the video to your headset. The iOnScreenDisplay sends the telemetry to your viewing device like goggles or an LCD monitor.

I am not sure what gimbal you have or if it has cables. There are solders connectors out there but if you can solder there are more choices. You will feed the image from the GoPro into the TX, from there it transmits it to your goggles, the iOSD sends the telemetry data the same way via the TX to your goggles overlaying the video image. See, clear as mud. ;)

PS - never power up a transmitter without the antenna connected or you can burn it up.
Yes, I apologize I failed to mention I have a fatshark teleporter v3 fpv system I want to use with it. I understand that I can get an all in one cable connecting the transmitter to the iosd and the other end into the phantom but where does the transmitter get its video from? I found a usb to fatshark cable but nothing like an all in one so I assume I have to cut and solder output from the iosd and put the output of the gopro in line with that. Correct?
I have never setup a non-Zenmuse gimbal on a P2 so unfortunately I am not real familiar with the details of the connection. On the Zen the video feeds through the gimbal to the internal board. The video comes from that to the iOSD to the TX. So it is completely different as you will bypass the internal board. I assume it goes from the GoPro to the iOSD to the TX.
All this has been done to death about a year ago so you will find lots of stuff on the forum via a search. If no one else comes on here with more info or to correct me. ;) And don't forget to check YouTube for a how to as many people have posted DIY vids.

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