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Phantom 2 and the Feiyu Tech G3 gimbal issues

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Help' started by Tominator, Dec 21, 2014.

  1. Tominator

    Dec 21, 2014
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    Hello everyone,

    First of all, Id like to say this is my first post in the forum. You guys seem like a nice and very helpful community, so I decided to join!

    After being in the RC hobby for a long time, i recently bought a Phantom 2. I ordered a ReadyMadeRC 2 axis gimbal which is just a rebrand of the Feiyu Tech G3 gimbal. I installed it properly and wired it so it can get power from the onboard battery. It seems to be working just fine in that sense.

    When I power it on, the gimbal goes to face down position. I plugged in the pitch control wire to the F2 port with the black wire on top. When i went in to the Phantom assistant, I counldnt enable the gimbal function.

    Anybody have any ideas on how to solve these problems?

  2. AerialCinemaGuy

    Aug 12, 2014
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    That particular gimbal will not speak with a flight controller, it's based of the Alexmos software and is made to work with a receiver and remote. But a cheap RX/Tx 4 channel combo and you can have a second operator control the gimbal, thats about it for that setup, other than the normal 3 modes you can switch between.
    Best Regards,