Phantom 1 change rc and receiver

Apr 20, 2015
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Hi i have phantom 1 with the sr6 2.4ghz remote control, i change it to ndj6 2.4 ghz and i change and the receiver inside the phantom with this that works with ndj6 remote, my question is that the old receiver have only one connection to x2 naza the new one have 2 connections on it , wich of the two i conect to x2 naza? In the other connection i didnt conect anything?and when i make the connection with rc and phantom i must make calibration to the remote? Thanks
There's a couple different revisions of the receiver; I'm not sure it makes a difference.
On the one where the 2 connectors are jammed up together, the connector that's closer to the battery door goes to X1 (the other goes to X2). The brown wires should be closer to the battery door on each (and closer to the top of the Naza).
It does no harm to plug the wires into the wrong places; it just won't work. But it might be bad to get the polarity wrong (haven't tried).
Ok thanks i will try to conect it and see what happens, thanks!
I connect the new receiver in the phantom with the two antenas , they have 2 connectors the first like you look it they go to x1 and the second to x2 of naza.i power the phantom and the light in the receiver was red i press it for 2 seconds and they blinking then i open the transmitter and the light color change to green ok the transmitter is conected, but the phantom 1 light in front they blinking orange very fast, the remote there is not working but is connected, i must make calibration from the Naza Assistant software because the remote is new?the new remote control is model ndj6 2.4ghz , and they have and mini usb port down should i make and calibration the control from there?
You also need to hook up the Phantom to a computer, run the Naza Assistant software, and select the D-Bus receiver type (instead of PPM).
Ok i set the settings for rc to d-bus and after calibration my new rc works perfect with phantom 1.

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