P3P Night Footage

I was suspicious that maybe it was Inspire 1 footage since that's most of the other videos on the channel but you can see the Phantom shadow as it ascends at 0:24 so I like to think it is legitimate :)
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Oh yeah, and the fact that they film the Phantom in the air at the end is a bit of proof, hehe
That looks very much like some 3D rendering, not real footage!
Certainly not 3D rendering, it is obvious that it's a video footage, hovering between the cars shows it's definitely a phantom,over exposure on spots of lights on big ben and on the right is typical of an auto exposure by night, the quite narrow angle + the quality make me think that it's probably not a GoPro4 but something with a narrow angle lens such as the P3's cam. I tend to believe it's a p3 footage.
Wow they flew it near the Palace of Westminister and played a song with Lyrics 'dangerous'
Beautiful videos on their website
You need to get out and see the real thing. :)
Westminster Palace is at least 10 times bigger than that and a lot more grand. Plus you can't park that close.
That's a London-themed suburban food mall in Bangkok.

:) I realised that - I was a bit sarcastic as at first I was surprised but after I saw their videos worked it out. Can you imagine the uproar?
Does anyone know if the red lights under phantom will show up in night shots close or distant?
Does anyone know if the red lights under phantom will show up in night shots close or distant?

I've just watched an un boxing video and noticed when he put the battery in and switched it on the LED lights were on the rear 2 arms behind the camera. You can clearly see in the picture below.

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