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P3A Bug: video lags gets worse (up until 6 seconds) and then crashes iPhone repeatedly

Discussion in 'Pro/Adv Discussion' started by pqdbr, Jun 25, 2015.

  1. pqdbr

    Apr 24, 2015
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    Guys, I've been having this issue since 2 weeks ago but in the last 5 flights it happend on every single one of them.

    Here's the setup:

    - P3A takes of normally and video broadcasts in "real time" to iPhone 6 running iOS 8.3 and Pilot App 1.1.2; I updated the P3A firmware (and the controller) to the latest firmware (1.2.8);

    - Sometime midflight (can be after 5 seconds or after 5 minutes, very random), I notice a sudden increase in the video lag; what seemed to be < 1 second now becomes 5-6 seconds, making it very dangerous to fly by app only; I've had this while chosing automatic channel in Lightbridge or manual channel, it happens either way;

    - Telemetry seems to continue to update in real time (compass, map, vertical/horizontal speed and distance), but video starts to fade to black and lag goes up to 8 seconds, completely unusable;

    - If I don't quit the DJI Pilot App quickly when the video starts to skip to black, it will completely FREEZE my iPhone 6 in a state that even pressing the home button will do nothing; pressing the lock button on the side does nothing; holding the home button (should activate Siri) does nothing; unplugging the cable from the controller does nothing;

    The only way to recover is doing a hard reset, holding iPhone's home button and power button for +15 seconds untill I see the Apple logo;

    Like I said, I have a recent good quality smartphone (iPhone 6) running latest OS and with +40gb free space in it; I don't experience a laggy iPhone anywhere else, actually its blazing fast doing everything else and including flying the P3A when the bug doesn't hit.

    I've tried:
    - Power cycling the aircraft mid flight (thus initiating Failsafe RTH), lag is still present and still crashes iPhone;
    - Power cycling P3A; it would solve the issue sometimes but in the last 5 flights I couldn't fix it;
    - Power cycling the iPhone (as I'm forced to do when it crashes and I have to do a hard reset).

    Weird thing is that I didn't have any of these issues in the first weeks I've had the P3A. The issue only started 2 weeks ago and it's getting worse (hit me every flight in the last 5).
  2. Accuracy One

    Jun 14, 2015
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    On my P3P you could dramatically drop the resolution on the camera feed to the controller to fly with. It's only a 7" tablet, on my 1.2 gig processor that should not work, but we turned the video feed resolution to the lowest level and the picture is still fantastic and absolutely no video lag even on that cheap Samsung WalMart $100 clearance tablet.
  3. Phantom751874

    Mar 13, 2015
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    Clear your video cache in the Dji Pilot App then test it out. Also, in an emergency hit the Home button on your controller to activate RTH. When the P3 is back in sight land it visually.
  4. Kman

    Nov 12, 2014
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    San Francisco, CA
    Your iPhone 6 is over heating. Don't use a case when you put it into the controller holder.
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