P3 tips on lift off

Dec 29, 2016
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During a recent flight I found my P3S tipped over when I tried to lift off. Fortunately, I had propeller guards on so there was no damage. This happened on 3 consecutive attempts. I turned the controller off, then back on and the problem went away. It appeared that one or two motors did not rev up and provide even lift. Also noted was a high frequency sequel occasionally coming from the aircraft.
I purchased it last November. Would this be covered under a DJI warranty?
Should I try to lubricate the motors? If yes, with what? The sequel reminds me of a motor with dry bushings.
I;m no motor expert, others with more knowledge than I may chime in but, I wouldn't lubricate those windings, just attract dirt, I think the bearings are sealed too, so squirting fluids in motors, I can't see any good in it.
If as you say, if one or two motors are revving oddliy, be a control issue more than an actual motor issue.
I have not put a tachometer on the props but on mine the forward props seem to be spinning faster than than the rear props at idle(sitting on the ground). Once I takeoff the bird flies OK. Maybe you are getting caught in ground effect?
Don't lube, bearings sealed, retains dust, dirt, foreign objects.

FULL Throttle on take-off, no exceptions.
Up to a few feet, 6-10, then allow to stabilize.

Then off you go.
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Well, I just had the same thing happen to me. Bird tipped over on takeoff. It turned out to be a small piece of debris in the right stick on the transmitter. It was wedged in the crack at the top of the stick. When I did a CSC to start the motors the stick didn't return fully to the center and when I tried to lift off it flipped. After cleaning the debris out it was fine. I didn't actually see the debris because it was so small. It did leave a small scratch on the right stick pivot where it was lodged.

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