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P3 Standard Gimbal Help?

Discussion in 'Standard' started by sparkymarky, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. sparkymarky

    Oct 20, 2015
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    Hello? This is my 1st post on this forum, I have crashed my DJI P3S and smashed the gimbal beyond economical repair. I have decided to buy another P3S as the replacement parts needed is almost 2/3 of the cost for a new P3S.
    As anyone replaced the gimbal on P3S with a non standard gimbal? When you separate the lower gimbal from the top half you can separate the cable but there are 2 other (black and white) wires which I can't see where they disconnect from unless to take the gimbal apart?
    Is there any wiring diagram for gimbal for the standard?
  2. Jezzy

    Oct 16, 2015
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    Montreal, Canada
    Why not get a damaged standard camera also damaged from eBay and try to build one working one with the salvaged parts? That's what I'll try doing ;) just in case.. That is.
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