P3 Pro Does Not Fly Toward Home Point

Mar 2, 2016
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I'm a newbie trying to learn and have run into an interesting issue just don't know what is causing it. When I fly the P3 pro in the P mode no issues . I can control the copter horizizontaly with no issues even when battery level is around 28%.

I have my battery alert set at 30%.When I fly the P3 pro in intelligent mode F in Home Lock mode it flys fine until about 28% battery left . Luckily at about 30% battery life left I had the copter hovering about 4 meters from my position( also the home point position) when I tried to bring the copter closer to me, pitch backwards. , right control lever down, the copter would not come any closer. So I had to land it there. All other controls up, down, yaw left, yaw right and pitch forward. Could this be a battery issue?
This is the second time this happens. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm wondering if I'm dooing something wrong??
You must be at least 10m away from the home point in order to use the Home Lock feature. Once you're within 10m, you'll need to switch back to P-mode to fly the rest of the way home.
Your not doing anything wrong. If I remember right it brings the copter to 10 meters from home position then hovers. Simply cancel the home lock, then bring it the rest of the way in.

Also ensure that the Home point has been set right by checking it on the map. Even before you take off it should show you Two Home points. The one where you took off from and the other Home Point is where the Remote Controller currently is. You can select, via the app screen, which home point you want. Personally I chose the Home Point on the Remote. So I can move and it will come back to me rather than where I took off from.

So do as the App says check your home point before you take off, by checking it on the map. If the GPS is wrong then so will your home point be.
msinger, you and I must have been typing at the same time :) At least our answers sort of match.
Thank you msinger and Frankc for your help. My bad totally missed that feature about home lock. I'm glad everything is working as it should.

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