P3 and flying newbie

Jun 1, 2015
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Hi Guys

I know your thinking WTF is wrong with this guy but if you could hear me out and give me a little advice please maybe to help carm me down a little before I sign up for done counseling :)

So my story is not a long one, I went to Madeira beach about a month ago and for the first time witnessed a drone flying, apart from some waffle about amazon drones I never really payed any attention to them or thought about buying one, so me being me went and researched and thought buy the best so you won't pay double upgrading and upgrading, so I ordered a P3 Pro and after three weeks it arrived.

I watched a lot of YouTube videos and got the basics and how to use it, calibrate it and start her up, so I put the props on charged up the batt's and took her between by home and next door home and took her up, after about 2 mins I press go home and she crashed into my well pump...I almost **** myself thinking I had destroyed her on the first flight but apart from a few dirty scuff marks all was well, 2nd flight wasn't so bad but then flew into a palm tree. I guess I had to much around me, so I went out into an open field the next day and had a good fly about, removed the beginner mode so I could take it about a little bit and recorded some great video.

Ordered some prop guards and installed them yesterday...not sure if they are a good thing or bad from what I read but I thought well as a newbie who never flew before it might help save the props, so I took her up, brought her down and hit a plant pot in the garden which broke one of the prop guards.

I guess my main concern is having it out of my line of sight and not be able to control it correct and losing it, I have lots of forest and water behind me so luckily hitting someone isn't a worry but I get sweats each time I fly about not being able to bring her home. I watch all these YouTube videos with people flying miles and then bringing them home without any problems and I would like to be able to do that one day, is this just a confidence thing? Is it normal to take some bumps? Will the P3 hold up to them?

Any advice or guides or a newbie who jumped in too fast without any flying experience?

Thanks for reading

Take care


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