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...over the hill from North Yorkshire

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Bruce Cuz, Jun 8, 2016.

  1. Bruce Cuz

    Jun 8, 2016
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    Well, I guess I'm "over the hill" but no fly away. Firstly, I'm a retired 'newbie'...and secondly I've just switched from an Inspire 1 to a Phantom 3 Pro - yet have never had the pleasure of flying a drone!

    My Inspire 1 had a faulty zip on the case...so sent it back - as I was promised a brand new replacement. However, once the Vodafone store, where I purchased it, got it back they then said they'd no more in stock!

    Anyway, I procrastinated for a while and decided I might be better off starting my drone flying with something a little smaller...hence the switch.

    I'm a photo-journalist, by trade, and began my career shooting in b/w on bulky *twin lens reflex cameras (*"what are they?" I hear the young 'uns ask.) back in the late 60s.

    Yet, despite now being in my mid-60s I've always loved 'new tech'. I remember watching the first moon landing and thinking: "wow we've come a long way since the steam engine."

    I hadn't counted on technology continuing to advance at such a pace. I honestly don't believe those NASA scientists would have predicted that - one day - remote controlled drones would be freely available to consumers. Now I want a piece of the action :)

    Well, that's the rambling over!

    I have to say I received a really warm welcome and lots of helpful advice from the Inspire forum. So, here's hoping this forum will give this 'flying pensioner' the same too!
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