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Nexus 7 N/a distance ?

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Vision Discussion' started by FlyingFox, Apr 30, 2014.

  1. FlyingFox

    Mar 1, 2014
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    Cheshire UK
    Hi, I've been trawling trying to find an answer to a test I did today. I was range testing my video feed with a new antenna set up and hit 4500' 1370 metres, when my tx dropped out as i expected it to around there and RTH kicked in and then the distance on the app went n/a , phantom flew back fine rotated towards me , no loss of height I could see the speed and height on the video app but distance n/a , I re took control when it was about 2000' away and all was fine.
    I have seen a historic post after trawling where this was touched upon, and said it could be the version software, but didn't really answer why, also i think that related to a loss.

    I think the version app is 1.0.32 or thereabouts

    Any ideas

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