New P4 and couldn't be happier with it

Apr 11, 2016
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Olympic Peninsula Wa State
Like most, I lurked, tried to learn as much as possible and finally pulled the trigger. This forum was a great help. If for nothing else than the confidence to soar $1,500 bucks in the air and pray a lot.

I only ran into trouble a couple of times. The importance of getting a distance away from the home point prior to hitting the RTH just lands otherwise, chief among them. I will skip the story about throwing myself into the brush to make a major league jump catch.

The quality of the build is really noticeable. You can see Apple had some sort of hand in it. The quality of the video and what I mainly purchased for.....the beyond expectation.

Having had my hands on it for a week now, I can only agree with most of the experienced people on here. Most problems are due to user error. Not paying attention, doing the homework, and learning to crawl before soaring off over some mountain.

Another poster here recently opined that his only regret was waiting so long. I share that regret.

Thank you to the regular posters here that take the time to get into the weeds on the tech issues. Although most of us new people don't have a clue what you are talking about, over time, it all sort of starts to make sense. It is appreciated.

On a closing note, I just briefly sent out a few pics to some local friends and there is a stampede to my door. "Can Tom come out to play?" I think a lot of people out there want one......but all share the same fear of the unknown. For me, I pulled into a Best Buy parking lot and there was some kid dangling over the back edge of his truck with a P3 on the ground. I hit the brakes and he spent a couple of minutes showing it to me. The next day I was busting out the credit card.

It is one thing to look at the videos, read the forums, etc., but quite a different thing to actually see one.

Best to everyone from the Olympic Peninsula


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Jan 27, 2016
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palm harbor florida
you explained it good most issues and crashes are pilot era not understanding how things work great job happy flying

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