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NAZA-M confused after upgrade

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Discussion' started by pilsburypie, Aug 2, 2014.

  1. pilsburypie

    Jul 18, 2014
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    Birmingham, UK
    Only had my Phantom 2 for a short time so please be gentle! Just plugged into the computer and ran the assistant for the first time to upgrade to 3.06. seemed to work fine so I thought I'd have a nose around the assistant to look at the settings.

    To be perfectly honest I haven't a clue what I'm looking for - just a whole lot of numbers I don't understand. I bought the Phantom with Zenmuse 3D gimbal already set up so I can only assume these settings were either factory default or part of the set up process from the supplier. Either that or the upgrade has changed settings.

    I was of the belief that as a novice (or even fairly experienced pilots) I should be in Phantom 2 mode. The assistant shows NAZA-M and tells me all the settings will be reset to default if I change to Phantom 2 mode. What is NAZA-M? Why should I not be on it? Will changing back to Phantom 2 mode which says it will restore default settings bugger up the setup? I don't even know what NAZA-M stands for!

    Also what should the general settings be? eg, all my channel monitor settings are 1000 except "U" which is 491.
    My gains are as follows: Basic gain - pitch 120%, roll 120, yaw 120, vertical 200. Attitude gain is 220% for both pitch and roll. God knows what they mean!

    Any advice or pointers in the right direction are gladly appreciated. Things seemed to be working well so I'd like to establish they are as they were before the upgrade and that I'm not going to have a different beast at my fingertips on the next flight! :eek:
  2. Happyflyer

    May 5, 2014
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    Cold, Cold, Michigan
    NAZA mode allows the two switches to offer extra and useful operations. Check the manual for info on those.
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