Mounting Trackimo on UAV BITS P3 Camera Guard?

Jun 30, 2014
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Wadsworth, Illinois
I just got my UAV Bits P3 Camera Guard and my Trackimo today and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on mounting the Trackimo to the Camera Guard. Should I use the Gel Sleeve or just use the Velcro on the back of the unit to a piece of velcro on the Camera Guard. I've had pretty good luck using just Velcro on my Flytrex Live on my P2V+ but that was a larger surface. I could use the Gel Sleeve with plastic ties but that wouldn't be a clean of installation. Any thoughts?
I' ve had my trackimo for a couple of weeks now but only received my P3P yesterday. First flights were scary but it helped to have a backup locater.
I used 1 " Velcro linking the two lateral legs together allowing a pocket to place the Trackimo in. The inside of this pocket allows for the Velcro on the device to add-hear easily. For balance I added a 2nd piece on the opposite legs.
It appeared to be quite stable in hover. I flew in the beginner mode and am satisfied that the 2nd Velcro balances it enough. The weight is really quite minimal and very secure. I was really surprised at how heavy the P3 is. I'm confident that dji has compensated for a few ounces more weight.
Not to say that I wasn't nervous when I unlocked some restrictions and went for more height but minimal distance.
Nice job. I thought about mounting my GPS tracker that way, too. Is it solid or will it fall of in a crash?
My thought is if it crashes both items will be very close by. It definitely won't fall out in flight. The extra velcro in the middle squeezes the Trackimo snuggly into a pocket and the top cover piece makes it even more secure. This particular velcro holds to itself very strongly. I got it from our disposables used for the heart-lung machine. They are thrown out so I saved a bunch for moments like this.:)

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