P3 Firmware Firmware update on "orphan" P3 SE without camera.

Apr 16, 2023
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Greetings !

Got a tricky one:
I've scored a mutilated Phantom 3 Standard, that someone tried to "lighten" for fishing, and pulled off the camera. The gimbal board is still there.
The mainboard also had the "bind" button broken off, and some weird wires soldered (no idea), and it didn't communicate with the remote.

I replaced the motherboard with a serviceable P-3 SE motherboard i had lying around, but still can't bind to the remote. Suspect firmware mismatch ?
But to update the firmware, I need a camera to put the SD card in.

Is there any way to do it via USB ports ?

I tried google, but it seems, annoyingly, that DJI didn't bother making any windows software to manage Phantoms 3, insisting on mobile DJI GO app only.

Any suggestions ? Or shall I just scrap it for spares ?

Oh wish I could find a cheap one lol,,,,
Question,,,,has it got a gimble and camera re fitted or no camera,,,,No gimble or camera it wont link if it linked before cam removed it's ok but if trying to relink without camera it wont work even if you change board
Sounds like their link button repair with the 2 wires,
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>Oh wish I could find a cheap one lol,,,,
That was my regular browse through TradeMe (online marketplace) :) relatively cheap, $141+shipping. The seller had it as a project that turned out "too hard".

>a gimble and camera re fitted or no camera,
Camera is missing, the silver gimbal board housing with a circuit board, and a yaw motor is still there.

So I'm on a look out for some crashed wreckage, i guess, to see if I can find a salvageable camera (and I'll just get a new ribbon cable from Ali).

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