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  1. kenargo

    Nov 20, 2014
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    I've just completed a major update to DJI Ultimate Flight

    App highlights over last version:

    * Now supports Phantom 3 (Advanced, Professional, Standard and 4K), Inspire 1 (all models) and Phantom 4
    * Phantom 4 support includes reporting of avoidance system status
    * Orbit waypoint mode now included, no longer in-app purchase
    * All new camera settings, all camera settings available through the SDK can be set (limited support for the X5/X5R and thermal image cameras)
    * Exposure, both automatic and manual now available
    * Touch-screen exposure setting (similar to DJI GO)
    * Histogram with movable window
    * Location report window can be moved
    * Onscreen camera setting display and AE lock/unlock
    * All new icons, looks more similar to the GO app for easy knowledge transfer
    * New FPV screen with assisted takeoff and landing, also added buttons to set home point
    * New camera widget, similar to GO app
    * Touch HD image to setup HD communications link
    * Touch battery image to configure battery warning levels and view battery cell and status reports
    * Touch upper right image (pancake) to configure firmware distance limits, return to home and wall proximity setting
    * All updated documentation (see: http://www.djiultimateflight.com/v3_documentation.php)

    Note: Fly-to and Tracking is not yet included and will be added in a future update and at no additional charge. This update focused on camera controls and setup
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