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Maiden voyage....and then some

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Shaba, Jan 1, 2016.

  1. Shaba

    Dec 28, 2015
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    Everyone probably recalls their maiden voyage. While I've owned my P3P for over a week, weather restrictions, family obligations, etc...have not allowed be to go out for even a quick flight....that was until today. 4pm CST, initiated the RC, initiated the bird, had a small family audience, and then...lift off. Had to go straight vertical to see limits, and then, she flew! She flew like the wind, the feeling was exhilarating. Had family members watching in awe as I sped through the sky over to a family's members home, only to hover briefly there before moving on to the next site. For 20 minutes, nothing but fun was the only emotion. I tried RTH to see how it worked in real life....the nearly 90 ft climb to assure those pesky telephone lines weren't an issue, no tree tops, and then BAM, here she came back to me as if to say, "I missed you!" Yes my friends, I've fallen in love for the second time in my life, my poor wife has been kicked to the curb (at least while I'm flying), and yet, even she got excited just watching. Who knew watching your initial landing could so exciting. However, it was cold outside, my fingers were beginning to get numb due to the temps, so I decided the maiden voyage was coming to a conclusion. Got her landed, pushed out my chest as if to say, "Oh yeah baby, I got this" and went inside.

    But wait, it doesn't stop there. You know after that maiden voyage, it's as if I became a massive addict, and was already beginning to calculate the hours until sunrise for trip #2. I could hardly wait. Then something unexpected occurred...an in-law walked in and made those 5 little words that were all so seductive (which is weird since it was my wife's twin sister) - Ohh Scott, "Can I see your Drone?" YES, I was going to have to wait until the morning, I was going to go back out and show how my baby could light up the sky were her sexy form. Plus, I was wanting to see the new LEDs that I installed, so why not go out just for a quick tour, you know..."I'll just run it vertically for a few minutes, just to see...right?" And you probably already know where the story is going from here. Just like a recovering addict, I was hooked. I needed "one more" flight. I've got this, I can handle it the one time. I've spent the past 2-3 months reading, studying, reviewing anything and everything for this new addiction. So, outside we go as a family, and I'm ready for flight #2. I show my baby off, take her off, immediately ascend to 400 ft, and then hover to take in the lights out in the country. Beautiful! I bring her down to 100 feet, and think, "Oh, I've got an audience, I have to show them how quick she can turn on her axis, immediately going into a hover." So we start, back and forth and the "oohs and ahhs" were flowing from my nearest family members. I was hooked, they were feeding into my new addiction. Their approval of my addiction was actually enabling my growing sense of security! "I'm going to be the next drone super commander that everyone in the world will fight over to recruit, my expertise is known worldwide. Yes, I had transformed in a short one week from overweight dad, to super masculine"next greatest flying God." I could do no wrong.....other than one thing....too much self assurance for maiden flight, and the simple rule of "Don't fly at night as a beginner." But, I've got this, right? Bah, I can fly anytime!

    And this my friends is where things take a change. I'm zooming through the air at mach 1, a sonic boom is now music to my ears that I have composed. Again, "the Oohs and Ahhs" were feeding my addiction. And then.......TREE, UNKNOWN tree location at night! The sound went from an immediate "You are the champion" to "You're a loser!" How could I have been so dum, I knew not to fly at night...it was just that one last fix. That one last fix that taught an extremely value lesson that while I already knew, hadn't experienced for myself. Never fly at night in an area you can't see. Easy from an outsider's view, "Duh, of course you don't do that," and the worst part, I knew not to. But like the strongest drug known to man, I had already gone down the path of the love, and now the addiction told me, "Just one quick up and down flight, nothing more, you'll be fine." So as I sit here in gasp looking at my baby stuck in the tree, I think to myself, "You sir are too cocky, that was dumb, and you know it was dumb." I play with the branches, get my bird to finally drop out of the plane, and then take that walk of shame back inside to face my family who had only shown complete enthusiasm moments before. "is it ok, does it still work...." The questions stung even more, as I know I shouldn't have gone out for a night flight on day one!

    So my friends, I share my sad woes as more of a bruised eye of self-humiliation. Lesson 101 learned, and can say I won't do that again anytime soon. But alas, not to worry, I will return to the air, I will master the the skies at some point (or so I try to begin the process of rebuilding my faith in myself). Tomorrow is a new day, but I don't plan on taking her out until the sun is at least over the horizon....and as soon as I make a trip into town for a new set of props :)

    Fortunately the only physical damage was to the prop that snapped like a fresh set of green peas being shelled, but worse, was my pride. Not to worry, "when you fall down, get back up and try again." Maybe I should buy a few extra sets of props though? :) Hope everyone enjoys the poor attempts at humor today, but as I begin a new career of piloting my baby and posting updates on the forum here, Lesson 101 is in the books, "I'm not Tom Cruise at Miramar, rather I'm like a baby with a new rattle, just takes time !" oh yeah, Lesson101.5, Don't fly at night as a virgin pilot :)

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  2. Formstone

    Nov 9, 2015
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    Glad you had fun flying and writing. Really glad nobody or property was damaged beyond a prop and your ego. It's so easy to think you can do anything since these are so easy to fly at a start. As you now know, it is too easy to get caught up in "drone fever" and get into trouble. Be safe and happy flying.
  3. Mark The Droner

    Aug 26, 2015
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    Great story - thanks for sharing
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