Low battery issue what am i doing wrong !

Jan 5, 2015
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I am not having a ton of fun with this thing i am alway worried it will crash. My first flight I flew for about 12 minutes maybe more I had it close and was waiting for the red lights before landing just to see how long it would fly. One blink of the red lights then it when into auto landing mode and nearly landed on a fence. I was able to hand catch it before it crashed.

It has done this a couple more times, I thought it was related to one battery which i stopped using only find it did it two more times.

My last light I was up about 8 minutes the phantom had been on a bit longer as I was setting up. close to 8 minutes i was near a lot of people so I moved it away just incase. I was filming and event as soon as i started bringing down it dropped out of the sky from about 20 feet. the props were spinning it came straight down on the landing gear and bounced cracking the one leg. clearly it had some lift but no much.

I cant figure this out, Anything over ten minutes now seems to be closer to 8 and I am at risk of losing it. the only reason its not gone now is because I am careful where i fly and how long knowing it will crash.

am i doing something wrong here ? how do i know when a battery has gone bad ? I am starting to think there is something bad with this phantom ?

I have had flights that have gone just fine so this seems to happen about every 10 flights. As long as I do not let the battery get to two lights I am okay if it gets to one green light and sometimes two. often it will be one solid green and one flashing green light on the battery.

I am getting ready to do a trip and I have no doubt now if i fly this thing as I wanted as some point I am going to loose it. The only way it can avoid that is to do very short flights up shoot video and get right back down with more than half the battery left ?

any ideas... ? phantom 2
Apr 30, 2015
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Can u give more info? Do you have a gimbal? Fpv system? Is battery new? Aftermarket?

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