Lost P4AD with my first goggle flight. Weird stuff!

Jun 13, 2018
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Hey all,

First post and I am going to guess, like many, it is because of a dumb "user error".

I have managed to lose a buddy's P4 in the back of beyond. I have had my own P3 Pro for some time so am not a complete novice but I recently bought some goggles with a view to upgrading and was testing them with the P4 after helping my friend shoot some footage.

So here's the set of circs. First dumb error: I had put the thing in the air without connecting my phone - so just using goggles.

Second dumb error: No SD card in goggles.

I had flown the thing across a reservoir and suddenly, with nothing in view to obstruct it the thing up ends itself. The last image I have is as if it was on its side. I believe it was on dry land as I could see grass in the frame. But i have no way I know to locate the thing as my goggles cancelled out all the data and no recording on phone, obviously.

Now, this was in Rural MT and the terrain was not accessible by vehicle but we did take ATV out to the approx location with out luck.

The weird part is "find my drone" in the app shows it as being in the location it last returned too, before taking off on it this last doomed journey.

I am guessing this is just because without the phone it has no way to track the crash flight? The location is 30 miles away from the where I lost it, so I am assuming there is now way it returned there? I guess I am just bemused because there seemed no reason for the thing to crash. I was looking directly at the flight path in HD and it was clear, so I am just wondering if by some miracle it lost connection and managed to find its last home point, before this duffus sent it up without any recourse!

Any help appreciated.
Aug 17, 2014
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Long Island, NY
Unfortunately, there is no way it traveled 30 miles to it's last home point. And you say the last image you had was a sideways view on the ground with some grass in view, so that spelled the end. No phone, no SD card, no data - unless the goggles themselves have some internal memory and data storage (I'm not familiar with goggles) - I don't see any hope of finding it. Could easily be that a hawk came up from behind it and took it out mid-air.
Sep 2, 2016
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Yeah I agree with MapMaker. Sounds like a classic bird strike. Maybe you were over or near a nest. Unfortunate set of circumstances too. Perfect storm for losing it for real...
Jun 11, 2016
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Northwest USA
I use Litchi entirely without live data enabled (cache maps before flights) and when viewing the .csv am able to see the flight path. I believe that dji can show you the "flight" and "endpoint" using this sites magic: DJI Flight Log Viewer
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