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Lost Forward and Backward on Control Sticks

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Help' started by Case29247, Mar 21, 2015.

  1. Case29247

    May 7, 2014
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    Easton, MD USA
    I had a strange experience out flying my P2 just now. All was normal for a few minutes, but then the controls started acting strangely.

    The flight started normally for a minute or three. Up and down and yaw worked fine. Right and left worked fine. But after a short time of normal forward and backward, any forward and backward on the sticks produced right and left on the P2 instead of forward and backward. I had no forward and backward. The P2 was only a few dozen feet away, so I know I wasn't confused about orientation. I flew several minutes close-in observing the weird behavior.

    Then I guided the bird home without forward and backward and landed. I didn't shut down the bird, but I cycled the power to the controller (the standard white controller that comes in the kit), and then flew again. The controls returned to normal. I tested it close-in for a couple of minutes and then resumed flying around for about ten minutes...all seemed okay. But it leaves me wondering what is going on.

    Any ideas?
  2. J Dot

    Apr 10, 2014
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    Sarasota, FL. USA!
    That is weird,
    Are you running naza or phantom mode?
    I would recalibrate remote ( Tx ) in RC assistant
    ( calibrates tx )
    Then do a calibration on radio ( tx ) in assistant as well
    ( calibrates tx to phantom )
    Also check tx batteries, as well as s1/s2 switches for possible short?

    Sounds almost like it went into IOC , without notice? But could be wrong.

    Take care, keep us in the loop, Fly safe!
    J Dot
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