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  1. Ouze

    Mar 7, 2015
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    Hello all,

    I've had my P4 and been happy with it since I got it, and have gotten pretty decent range.

    The last time I went out and flew, I lost video signal pretty fast - I was flying over a river and there was a paddleboat there I wanted to get some footage of. When I got over it, I kept losing signal briefly. Eventually I had to RTH. I assumed it was interference from the boat.

    Today when I went to go fly out, I had the same issue - halfway through the flight, again over water, I lost signal. I had to fly it back visually and hand catch it. I never did get a video signal back. I had telemetry the whole time - I flew it back by following the line on the map until I saw it again. No problem with the controls, just no video signal.

    I just hooked it up to my PC, updated the firmware, and so on. I took it into my backyard, which is a known good location - I've been able to fly nearly 2 miles from there. This time, once I got 10 feet up, I lost video signal.

    When I look in the HD section of settings, there are a lot of bars, and they are mostly red. I tried manual and picked a channel, I tried auto, I tried lowering the transmission rate, nothing helped. I am still seeing warnings about strong interference. The thing is, I am pretty **** sure there is no real interference at my house, I have flow here many times and never seen anything like this.

    Here's an image of the tablet showing no video signal, taken from the P4 itself which was 8 inches away.

    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

    I feel like something broke physically or came loose, but is there anything I can check before I contact DJI?
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