Lose Power after 60"

May 23, 2014
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I pulled out my P2 after 5 months of not being used and I most likely left the batteries at 100% charge when stored away.

So when I go and fly everything goes fine until I have been in the air for about 45 seconds and the red lights start flashing while slowly losing power (maybe auto land). I can see the battery lights are all solid green with only 1 flashing. If I persist hovering while it tries to lower itself I can see on my IOSD the battery percentage quickly going down.

What I find odd is that the red lights flash and it loses power when the battery is going down from 90% to 70%. I didn't think this happened until the batter got to 20% remaining.

I flattened my batteries on the weekend to 4% and completed a full recharge. I found it odd that it only took approx 50mins (Australia 240volt) to charge up. If memory serves me correct I thought it took about 2hrs to charge. PT2 Assist software says 97% battery life.

After completing a full charge cycle the same problem persist.

So anybody have any ideas of whats going on and how I can fix it? It happens with both my batteries.

Thanks in advance.
You're getting a false reading. Sounds to me like your batteries are toast. A new battery would likely solve your problem. Next time don't store your batteries with a full charge.
Try doing a full discharge until the battery won't turn on then fully charge it up, but chances are the battery is toast

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