1. K

    Won't turn on

    Hello, my drone hit and tree branch and fell to the ground. A propeller was snapped but the motors were still running while it laid on the ground until I powered down the drone. After that, the drone would not turn on. If I hit the button the battery lights up then turns off. If I turn on the...
  2. K

    Phantom 1 Power Draw

    Hi. I'm new to owning a drone and was curious about how much power my Phantom 1 would draw. There are probably answers here, but I did a quick search and didn't see what I wanted, so I decided to start this link. Forgive me if it's "old news" and a duplicate of information that those of you who...
  3. H

    Power/Energy Questions

    Hi all, I'm new to drones and am trying to learn as much as possible about power and energy issues. Please chime in with answers to any or all of the below questions: 1. What are the top three "pain points" for drone power? 2. What do you like and dislike about using current LiPo batteries...
  4. D

    Phantom FC-40 Unknown socket

    Hello, I have Phantom DJI FC 40 and there is a socket at the bottom of the drone that I don't recognize and I Don't know what is purpose. Can you tell me more about it?
  5. B

    Portable Power Station

    Howdy guys!! So cool thing about me; I'm in field marketing for DEWALT power tools so I get some cool stuff sometimes. This right here is a portable power station. It takes 4 DEWALT 20V batteries of any size and puts out up to 15 amps. It also attaches to our Tough Cases so you have a place to...
  6. Sevyn13

    Addon Light Going Out In Flight

    I purchased an addon light for my P3S and it worked for maybe five slights but now it's giving me problems. When I turn my drone on and turn the light on with the switch on the converter the light works fine and will continue to work indefinitely on the ground. When I turn the rotors on the...
  7. patman561

    Drone Hits Power Line (Phantom 3 Pro)

    Completely amazed that my drone did a 360 degree flip after hitting a power line and did not crash to the ground. How is this possible? Has anyone else ever had their Phantom upside down without crashing?
  8. SoCalDude

    Here's How I Charge My Batteries...

    So, I wanted something more versatile than the DJI car charger to use while driving between drone operation locations. I found this one and it works great! It charges my P4 batteries with no issues and is as fast as if charging at home. It's the Potek 300w Power Inverter, 12V DC to 110V AC car...
  9. J

    Phantom 4 not turning on!

    I bought a new Phantom 4 about a month ago and everything seemed to be working perfectly fine. After 10 days I left on holiday, and unfortunately I couldn't bring it with me. When I got back after about 2 weeks (yesterday) I tried turning it on and it just doesn't respond. The batteries are all...
  10. M

    Powering a Fatshark TX on P2 V2.0 - which option to go?

    Hi there, I just watched (at least) two dozen of video tuts on how to attach a Fatshark video transmitter to the Phantom 2 - and all of them are grabbing the power from that pre-installed 4-wire cable. However, according to the P2 manual, this cable does only provide 5V (with max 2A), whereas...
  11. G

    Removed gimble due to crash, now only get flashing red,green, and yellow light on one side

    Ok folks, here we go again, After I crashed my P3S, I removed the gimble and put the battery back in and powered up the drone. I am now only getting red, green, and yellow flashing lights on one side. Is this because I removed the camera? Is it possible to fly it without the camera? Thanks in...
  12. A

    In neeed of some help, please. Much appreciated.

    I had to replace the wire coming from the main board. Re-soldered new connection back into place. Decided to paint the shell while it was open. I proceed to unmount everything inside . Painted and then put back together. Only now when I try and power up DJI PH 1 bbbbp sounds off then blinks...
  13. S

    No aux power cable on Phantom 2

    I just bought a phantom 2 with some random ebay gimbal for gopro. Unfortunately, there's no aux power in the legs and when i opened the shell, it doesnt seem to be there. Do i just solder the gimbals power directly on to where the battery is soldered onto the controlboard? Or is it possible to...
  14. Z

    Lose Power after 60"

    I pulled out my P2 after 5 months of not being used and I most likely left the batteries at 100% charge when stored away. So when I go and fly everything goes fine until I have been in the air for about 45 seconds and the red lights start flashing while slowly losing power (maybe auto land). I...
  15. M

    What Is The Power Output?

    I thought I'd post some peak wattage info which might be useful. I got this from FCC ID Search which allows you to enter the FCC ID number found on the back of any RF device to get wattage info. PVT581 controller: .059 watts NPVT581 controller: .062 watts RE500 extender: .0317 watts RE700...
  16. G

    Power on but no self test

    It's been a few weeks since I flew my phantom 3 standard. I got it out today, charged the battery. Put the battery in, pushed power on the battery but it does not go into self test mode. No flashing lights at all, no camera movement either. Any suggestions?
  17. S

    EU/FCC: Is there some hack to get the EU version to transmit with FCC power?

    Hi! I live in Norway, and thus have the EU-standard power level, and I am pretty sad about the limited range I have on my drone. With the "ARGtek range extender" (ebay it), I get just about 500 meters (this is an inhabited area, so there are probably quite a bit of interference - haven't tried...
  18. Cannikin

    Phantom battery communication protocol?

    In addition to the two big ol' blades that plug into the Phantom battery, there are also two contact plates so that, I assume, the CPU on the quad can talk to the battery via a serial communication protocol: Has anyone heard of someone tapping into that to see what language the battery...