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Loaded P2 - 2 mile range - Lightbridge, Flytrex, and more!

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by isky172, Jan 24, 2015.

  1. isky172

    Jul 9, 2014
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    Asking for a sale price in the high $3,000 USD range - which is a sweet deal for a package in perfect condition that cost ~$6,400 USD to put together! Stated in different terms, in buying this package you're getting the DJI Lightbridge system and more for free! So OBO/Price is negotiable. PayPal payment preferred.

    This quadcopter, as currently setup, has a range of 10,2000 feet! (proof: http://youtu.be/MbVxNTL5RwQ )

    SO here's the steps You Need to Take:
    • Buy this package
    • Receive package
    • Open boxes
    • Top off a battery
    • You're flying a perfectly configured/fully upgraded DJI Phantom 2 in perfect condition within minutes!

    Here's what I'm selling and why....

    My priorities are "a-changin'" and I'm unloading a remarkably "stacked" setup of the best hardware you can put into a P2 Non-Vision setup. It has been a truly fantastic experience to date, but I'm getting into other expensive interests. Here's the list of that total package/contents (being sold all together as one - no one-offs will be considered):

    • DJI Phantom 2 (non-vision) with USA themed stickers (from UAVstickers.com)
    • H3-3D gimbal
    • GoPro Hero 3+ Black w/remote and LCD panel
    • GoPro Hero 3+ Polar Pro ND Filter
    • GoPro Hero 3+ spare batteries (x2)
    • Extra GoPro connector w/tape (new/unopened package)
    • Extra GoPro connector ribbon (new/unopened package)
    • Flytrex Live 3G w/extra wire adapter for Phantom 2 (and mounted external flip switch for on/off)
    • Flytrex Live 2G (yeah, I upgraded to the Live 3G so this is just sitting around)
    • 5 DJI OEM Phantom 2 batteries
    • 1 12v 3c battery for usage in whatever (I forget why I bought this...but it's never been used)
    • 1 12v battery charger/discharger (this is not the DJI charger - instead it's used to charge any regular batteries with a wide range of voltages/cells)
    • 2 DJI P2 wall chargers
    • 1 DJI P2 car charger
    • 1 spare DJI OEM Phantom 2 shell (brand new) w/hardware, screws ,etc. and spare set of USA stickers (unmounted stickers, still on backing- from UAVStickers.com)
    • T-Motors Anti-Gravity upgrades (w/original motors included as well)
    • 3 sets of DJI OEM Turbo Thrust props
    • 2 sets of regular DJI OEM props for P2's
    • Original DJI Phantom 2 (non-vision) remote control (w/USA themed stickers from UAVStickers.com)
    • DJI Lightbridge Air and Ground Systems (w/charger, accessories)
    • DJI 2.4 Ghz Datalink Bluetooth system w/original accessories
    • All original hardware
    • Unopened package of DJI CANBUS adapter
    • Various sets of extra screws (DJI OEM)
    • Futaba 14SG perfectly configured for Phantom 2 (using "ianwood" version 5 profile) w/charger
    • Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 (for FPV and Lightbridge control) w/charger and 64 gb sdxc card (class 10) and bluetooth keyboard
    • Full radio TX tray/harness from SeCraft for Futaba 14SG/Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 combo for FPV usage (with removable Lightbridge Ground unit attached at rear) - perfect for walking/running whilst flying around
    • GoProfessional Travel case with foam cut-outs for Radio Controller & Galaxy Note Pro 12.2
    • GoProfessional Travel case with foam cut-outs for Phantom 2
    • Various extra tid-bits that go with the setup

    UPDATE: pictures of the FPV/Radio/Tray setup (with Lightbridge attached) is located in the following post under the name "isky172": viewtopic.php?f=22&t=25008. Also noteworthy, is that I've mounted the Flytrex Live 3G INSIDE the P2 shell where it's unnoticed (great safety feature for a would-be thief who doesn't know it's in there). Photos of the P2, its internals, the cases, and the items listed above are below.

    Phantom 2 unit is in fantastic condition. Never a fly away, and only 1 hard landing ever (no damage). Flies like a dream. The bird was purchased in June....with the most recent addition of the Lightbridge being added in ~Sept of 2014. As a matter of fact, all elements listed above are in perfect condition.

    I live in Atlanta GA and would ship everything in the two travel cases (GoProfessional cases - one Phantom 2 sized and one that's 1.75 times bigger that I've setup for transporting the FPV and radio setup).

    Who wants dibs? Listening for offers now (1/12/2015 = this original post). I spent $6400.00 USD putting all this together (parts, accessories, not including labor/time spent assembling), but I'm not asking for anything close to that. So make me an offer and let's talk!


    More photos in next post...


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  2. isky172

    Jul 9, 2014
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    Re: Loaded P2 - 2 mile range - Lightbridge, Flytrex, and mor

    Second set of photos (continued from previous post above):

    [end of classified posting]

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  3. Alex673

    Jan 24, 2015
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    Re: Loaded P2 - 2 mile range - Lightbridge, Flytrex, and mor

    I think I want this.

    Alex673@me.com. Let's talk

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