Litchi on Phantom 3 Professional Startup Sequence

Oct 16, 2018
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Through trial by error, I've figured out the following start up sequence for running Litchi on the Phantom 3 Professional, using a Huawei Media Pad M3:

(Note that I'm not using DJI Go at all, if I was I'd have to force close it before the following process.)

1. Make sure Litchi is closed. To do this go to Settings - Apps - Litchi - Force Stop.

2. Connect the tablet to the controller.

3. Boot up the tablet, if not already booted up.

4. Start up the controller.

5. Litchi will boot up automatically. DO NOTHING. You'll see a pop up, ignore it for the time being.

6. Wait for the "SIGNAL LOST" alert at the top of the screen.

7. Once you've seen the "SIGNAL LOST alert, you may then select "yes" on the pop up menu "Allow access to device data?"

This step is crucial, and got me caught up for the first few days of flying this thing.

8. Start up the drone, then wait.

9. You should get video feed, then wait for the bird to be ready to fly.
Apr 15, 2019
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Thanks for your information. I also fly a P3P with Litchi although I use an iPad Air II with no internet connection.

I would just add that normally one would start the controller (as you indicate in step 4) but next you should start the drone and let them begin their "handshaking and warm-up". Your tablet should or could be running after step 4 but not running any apps. Start the Litchi app after the drone has powered up.

My experience is that Litchi on iOS always takes longer to get to "Ready to Fly" before DJI Go does. No big deal I guess, it is just my experience thus far with Litchi.

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