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Lightbridge and Inspire One

Discussion in 'DJI Lightbridge' started by BaldEagle, Nov 15, 2014.

  1. BaldEagle

    Aug 8, 2014
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    Philadelphia, PA
    See the transcript below regarding Lightbridge and Inspire One. Not sure what to believe but this was from a few hours ago.

    (05:28:18) *** Visitor 92800032 joined the chat ***
    (05:28:19) Visitor 92800032: Inspire One
    (05:28:31) Bob E.: Have a question
    (05:29:00) *** Cherry joined the chat ***
    (05:29:08) Cherry: Hi welcome to DJI
    (05:29:19) Bob E.: Have a question
    (05:29:35) Bob E.: About the Inspire One
    (05:29:52) Bob E.: Are you familiar with the product?
    (05:30:26) Cherry: yes, you can buy from us
    (05:30:42) Bob E.: I have a question first before I buy it.
    (05:31:16) Bob E.: Is Lightbridge GROUND STATION built into the RC?
    (05:31:59) Cherry: no
    (05:32:08) Bob E.: Are you absolutely sure?
    (05:32:55) Bob E.: Also, How much is the TB48 and TB47 battery and what are the differences?
    (05:33:46) Cherry: yes ground station of Inspire I still under process
    (05:34:02) Cherry: the price for the battery will release by next week
    (05:34:15) Cherry: flying time for TB48 22mins
    (05:34:27) Cherry: TB47 18mins
    (05:35:12) Bob E.: What do you mean "is still under process?" for Lightbridge?
    (05:36:02) Cherry: lightbridge just for FPV
    (05:36:11) Cherry: not ground station
    (05:37:39) Bob E.: So the lightbridge built into the Inspire One provides FPV to the C1 Remote Controller but cannot provide Ground Station capability at this time?
    (05:39:09) Cherry: yes
    (05:39:35) Cherry: another new lightbridge ,
    (05:41:06) Bob E.: Another lightbridge what?
    (05:42:37) Cherry: because we use the update lightbridge ,
    (05:42:53) Cherry: better then the old one
    (05:43:52) Bob E.: So will the Inspire 1 work with old lightbridge or only with new one?
    (05:44:49) Cherry: only with new
    (05:45:01) Cherry: already built indise
    (05:45:05) Cherry: inside
    (05:45:47) Bob E.: Will old GroundStation work with new one built inside Inspire 1?
    (05:46:17) Cherry: sorry do not get the official news about it
    (05:47:48) Bob E.: Will TB48 battery be available on Dec 1st?
    (05:48:26) Bob E.: Will chargers for Phantom 2 batteries work for TB47 and TB48?
    (05:49:04) Cherry: I think so , kindly wait for few days
    (05:49:50) Bob E.: Wait for a few days until what?
    (05:52:23) Cherry: next week
    (05:53:02) Bob E.: Are you saying more information will be available next week?
    (05:53:10) Cherry: yes
    (05:53:20) Bob E.: Ok. Thank you.
    (05:53:36) Cherry: you are welcome , thank you for your patience
    (05:54:05) *** Bob E. left the chat ***
  2. andersonpaac

    Jun 17, 2014
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    Illinois USA

    You will get 1x Ground station for the 2899$ you spend on the Inspire 1
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