Is the Phantom 4 Pro Worth the Upgrade?

Thanks for sharing!

FWIW, here are some corrections/confirmations:
  • Some 128GB memory cards work in P4 (if you dare to potentially lose everything in one go)
  • The bottom sensors are not used for collision detection
  • Firmware updates are always optional (no need to hurry to update before a shoot)
  • You're suspicion is correct -- 3rd party apps cannot be installed on the P4P+ remote controller
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I was taking this guy seriously until he mentioned he didn't realise that 3rd party apps couldn't be installed until AFTER he made his purchase !? Seriously , if you are going to to spend that kind of money you do your homework. Disagreed with sd card comments . Is it possible anyway to fill a 64gb card in one flight? Changing a card during every flight is hardly taxing. You have to change the battery anyway. You could lose all your footage if the card corrupted . Not good to put all your eggs into one basket.
Not ready for prime time.

I ordered and received a Phantom 4 Pro Plus. The setup seem to go ok. Went through setup, validation, naming, even a successful update. Then the problems began. I have a regular Phantom 4, and 3 Phantom 3s, so I'm not a newbie. When DJI Go 4 was launched, it would immediately crash. I called support, and as soon as I told the tech that we were trouble-shooting a Phantom 4 Pro +, he said just return it. He would not even try to trouble-shoot the problem. At that point, I changed my mind about the Pro +, and decided that I would just order a Phantom 4 Pro. Well, my order is out there somewhere in limbo. Credit card has been charged for more than a week and the online status shows that the unit has not been shipped. DJI does not have an avenue, to check on an order via telephone. I have sent e-mail after e-mail, an no one will answer my question as to the status of my order. I have tried the using [email protected] to chat, but for the life of me, I can't find a place to type when ask to state my issue.

DJI goes through periods of average to extremely bad service. It doesn't look as if the Phantom 4 Pro + is ready for release and I can't get a Phantom 4 Pro to see if it is.

Has anyone used the [email protected] chat that can tell me what I'm doing wrong. I really can't figure out how it works.


Just follow the instructions in chat and have your order number (cut & paste) from your email confirmation ready. The rep will come online. Simply ask your question.

You'll get an answer as to the status. If you find out it's going to take too long, cancel, and go to and find a dealer with one in stock and order there. Good Luck!

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