I hit the Max Height limit! 1654.2 FT!!!

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May 6, 2013
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Ann Arbor MI
I was feeling really good today and decided to go for it! I was 30 feet away and took it straight up as high as it would go. It got to 1654.2 feet and then I got a message saying the the max altitude was reached and to change it in the settings. It got up there rather quickly going 11 MPH. It still had 91% battery left when it reached the limit. I hovered for a couple minutes then hit my RTH button and down she came! I kind of wish that 500m limit wasn't there. It was nice to see things from that POV. in the video I can see my dads house and that is over 5 miles away!. I am uploading the video now and will post the link as soon as its done. Its completely unedited so nothing special.

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Bad *** man. Been to windy here for me to fly I'm bummed I wanted to test that out also hahaha
Should be obvious why this wasn't very clever. I certainly wouldn't be posting about it online. The FAA lurks.
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In my area 99% of planes are just a dot in the sky. I had 2 spotters with me that were looking to be sure that that 1% wasnt around. Im 45 miles from Metro Airport, 21 from Ann Arbor airport and 39 from Toledo airport.
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I think it's cool myself.

Now only if it were true, the message you received about changing your max height limit. Can't change it to more than 500m.
That is correct. I have tried to change the limit but it wont let you go over 500m. You can put in 1000 and a popup comes up and says it cant be over 500m. That makes me wonder if in the future that 500m limit will be lifted?
Where is the height restriction located in the app code? Anyone here smart enough to find it and post how to hard code another value in for the max?
Doesn't matter if you had 10 spotters in the middle of the Mojave desert. Don't do it.
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Doesn't matter if you had 10 spotters in the middle of the Mojave desert. Don't do it.

People will do what ever they want. Some of us enjoy pushing boundaries and not recklessly, I fly over 400 ft every single time I fly also.
If you wonder why DJI has to idiot proof the Phantom with flight restrictions, here it is.

So now I am an idiot? Lol hilarious
In my opinion there shouldn't be a height limit in the app. There are no laws or regulations on the books today limiting height, at least not in the US. If there were then that's another story and by all means throw whatever that limit is in as the max height.

It's weird that DJi picked 500m to begin with. You would think they would have gone with the 400ft limit instead as this is the guideline, not law, in the US. I believe that same guideline says to maintain Line of Sight yet there isn't a hard max distance limit at all.

Take the limit out and then put it back in if something becomes law. I would be the first to update my firmware to stay within the legal limit.
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