Hurricane Work...

Jul 28, 2016
Ok, so I'm registered with Florida Drone Supply and would gladly jump on a plane from California, although I'd prefer CA wildfire work, but I'm looking at their supply list and wondered if Safety Cones are considered luggage or carry-on?
It sounds like they are doing a great thing, but I'm always skeptical about these offers, and can see myself dropped in a swamp with nowhere to stay or nothing to eat and drink, but for the Water Moccasin crawling over my feet and some sewage water up to my knees.
No mention is made of transportation, base camp, at least somewhere to sleep and grab a cup of coffee in between missions.
With so much work being offered, I don't hear much from anybody here about it.
Does anybody have direct experience with this outfit?
If FDS is listening, fill us in and let us know how this works, and if California wildfire work is available.
Thank you.

In preparation for deployment, we want to make sure each pilot has the required personal protective equipment necessary to operate safely; which may be additional items to your standard toolkit (i.e. Fire Extinguisher, First Aid kit, etc.). In addition to using a 20MP camera sensor, the following are required:

  1. Hard Hat,
  2. Safety vest,
  3. Safety Cones,
  4. Completed risk assessment (download and print - Click here) for each asset captured
  5. Completed Shot sheet (download and print - Click here) for each asset captured

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