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  1. linkmodo

    Mar 26, 2016
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    Miami, FL
    Here is my short video on how to modify the gimbal lock to fit after market filters.

    So I bought some CPL and ND filters, but found out that all of them doesn't fit onto the gimbal lock that came with the drone.

    I proceed to modify the gimbal lock/camera lens cover on my DJI Phantom 4 by cutting out the front part, and stop at where the aftermarket filter lens would protrude.

    The drone doesn't really need the front lens cover part, reason being you've already got a UV filter (or whatever filter you have in front of your camera lens protecting the actual lens. As long as your gimbal locks securely during transport, you should be good.

    Tools I've used:

    Pencil to mark where the lens filter area to be cut
    Jewelers saw to cut the plastics off (You can go to home depot and find a mini saw for couple dollars, that also works)
    Small files to file the edges flat and smooth (Also at your local hardware store for couple dollars)

    Filters I've used and recommend (except the variable ND filter in the pack, which is crap):

    Hope it helps the rest of you P4 owners out there who are stuck with no gimbal lock for aftermarket lens filters.
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