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how to get better range? (pics)

Discussion in 'FPV (First Person View)' started by Photogd, Jul 26, 2014.

  1. Photogd

    Jul 7, 2014
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    I got these antennas from Amazon which seem to boost my range by about 250 meters over the stock plastic antennas. But not so much when phantom is facing me, then it gets snowy and video goes white. I'm guessing the go pro is blocking the signal when phantom is not facing away from me. Is there a better place to mount the antenna? I think it's only going to be worse when I put on the gimbal. Someone also mentioned a bigger antenna for receiver only. Transmitter is 200mw, can't afford the 600mw ones. Also would like to increase the range overall. Any ideas?

    I also noticed when I'm more than 300 meters away, the video gets fuzzy when I'm accelerating. Some kind of interference?




    Maybe the 4ft video wires I have bundled up near the receiver could be interfering too? I could cut them shorter, solder and tape them up, but then I would be more worried about interference from the wire not being insulated?
  2. Deadmeat

    Dec 28, 2013
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    Co.Antrim, Northern Ireland.
    I`ve cheap & cheerful antennas i got off Banggood and they work really well, in fact the 3 petal tx works as well as one i bought costing a good bit more so i keep it on the quad.Antennas need to be tuned correctly to get the best out of them. The swr needs to be low so it can radiate all the energy the video sender puts into it. If the antenna is out of tune it means some of the energy can be reflected back into the sender to cause problems and eventual failure. I can`t test the swr at the operating frequency so if one of my antennas work better than another thats the one i`ll use. I`d advise keeping your tx antenna vertical ( straight down and not at 45 degrees as in the pics ) and your rx antenna the same. They are supposed to be circular polarisation but i get best results with both antennas in the same plane to each other. Also make sure your on the right channel, if your close it`ll work ok for a bit but the further out you go the picture will drop off. I hate those dip switches, a fiddly bollocks of a patent with no good instructions to enlighten the user. The diversity screens make life a lot easier but you pay for the privilege.

    Hope you get a result,
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