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How much does temperature affect stability?

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Discussion' started by Kubelwagen, Dec 17, 2015.

  1. Kubelwagen

    Kubelwagen Guest

    Several months ago when I first started flying my P2 I was really impressed with how stable it was. Now it seems to move around more than it should. Truthfully, I only started noticing that after crashing it into some treetops. Now don't assume. I killed the motors as soon as it hit and the only noticeable damage was one broken prop. The others don't even have any chips or scratches. Just some stubborn bark stains. That said, physically stopping a motor suddenly isn't good for ESC's so now I'm paranoid. I did another Advanced IMU calibration afterward just to be safe and it sounds fine and it seems to fly fine.

    BUT, today while adjusting the gains I let it hover about 20 feet up to get out of the ground effect and occasionally in manual mode I could hear a slight change of motor pitch and the P2 would drift a few feet then settle, then drift and settle. Motors and ESC's were brand new with about 10 flights before the oops. In manual mode I would think the motors should all stay exactly the same pitch unless a control input is given. It also doesn't seem to hold hover as well as it should. I should add that the wind was dead calm.

    HOWEVER, it's about 20 degrees today. Before I noticed this possible stability issue it was 40 degrees plus.

    So do you think the cold might affect the flight controller enough to decrease stability?
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  2. AndreGtable

    Jul 21, 2015
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    You said it was in manual mode - meaning atti I'm assuming which means it keeps constant power but the wind can carry it.
  3. Kubelwagen

    Kubelwagen Guest

    That is correct. In GPS mode you would expect constant minor pitch and roll adjustments for it to keep position. In ATTI mode there should be no pitch and roll adjustments other than to keep the craft level and at hover. And as mentioned in my original post, there was no wind. It was absolutely calm, which would mean there is no reason for the motors to be noticeably changing pitch or for the craft to be doing anything but floating steadily.

    Maybe a video is in order.

    Maybe not.
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