How Does the Mavic Survive?

Jun 29, 2016
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Let's be clear. The Mavic has some pretty incredible software. What I truly love about this device is the updated technology. You would think that it will never crash. But of course it will if that pesky gravity stuff has anything to do with it. There has been too much written on it and as of this writing, I am still waiting for my Mavic to appear.

First top up: Surviving the epic fall by the Mavic and Wakeboarding. Never heard of the sport of Wakeboarding although it is considered an extreme sport. You can see how DJI covers this which is no surprise. One would think that DJI and extreme sports go hand and hand.

Does this seem like a cliff hanger to you? It does to me. Which brings us to the second point: Intentionally getting a drone to crash. Videos can only bring so much to the table. However, I was shocked and amazed at how resilient the Mavic can be. But enough of my yacking. Check out more on the Mavic and Wakeboarding here:

Mavic Epic Survival and DJI made Casey Neistat style video - WeTalkUAV

Some other Mavic videos that are fascinating:

Casey Neistat says My Drone is Gone. You know what else is gone pal? The instruction manual. Read it. Your drone will be less likely to disappear:

Here is one of many product comparison videos:

For those who want to go more pro: The Mavic vs. Karma:

Of course my favorite, Wedding Party Crash. Is this drone related? No!! We hope that no one was truly injured. However, what blog does not want a suspense?
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