casey neistat

  1. jlazz447

    Casey Neistat

    Browsed through a few threads that mentioned the man himself Casey but I'm more curious about the rules and regulations he may or may not be breaking. Can someone shed some light on this? I'm a daily watcher of his videos. If you don't know who Casey is by now all you have to do is type into...
  2. B

    How Does the Mavic Survive?

    Let's be clear. The Mavic has some pretty incredible software. What I truly love about this device is the updated technology. You would think that it will never crash. But of course it will if that pesky gravity stuff has anything to do with it. There has been too much written on it and as of...
  3. Drone Master

    Casey Neistat's Grave Yard 5 Years From Now!

    Do you notice that there are no Mavics harmed in this pic? At least for now? Ummm? LMAO!!