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  1. B

    How Does the Mavic Survive?

    Let's be clear. The Mavic has some pretty incredible software. What I truly love about this device is the updated technology. You would think that it will never crash. But of course it will if that pesky gravity stuff has anything to do with it. There has been too much written on it and as of...
  2. J

    FS: GoPro Hero 3+ Black - Modified with 5.4mm Lens! No Fisheye!

    GoPro Hero 3+ Black Camera with 5.4mm Lens installed! Great condition, except broken USB connection on camera - see details below and in photos. $495.00 Forget the "Fisheye" view - get a standard view with the 5.4mm Lens. Also includes original GoPro lens which can be reinstalled for a...
  3. Phillip White

    New Pilot just saying hello..

    Just wanted to say hello to everyone and hope to learn a lot from those veteran pilots out there! I'm flying a P2 with 3D gimble. Threw together a video of my first flight! The edit was sloppy but still learning. :)
  4. M

    Slight shake/vibration

    Hi, I have a slight vibration on all my videos taken with the Phantom, can't work out what is casuing the issue. My setup on the drone: Phantom 2 H3-3D Gimbal (standard white dampers) Go Pro 4 Black (recording at 4K) Flysight FPV Transmiter Cloverleaf FPV TX antenna iOSD Mini Connection board...