How did this Mavic Air 2 fall out of the sky?

Jun 28, 2019
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I had State Farm Insurance on my drone. Crashed ! Insurance paid. Then a few months later, got a notice my car insurance was canceled! Had a claim for my truck that year and they said two claims in that time was why the cancellation. Drone counted! Watch out!
Insurance companies are a joke, you pay for it to cover accidents, but when you file a claim they want to drop you.
Sep 7, 2017
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I have 4 years experience in flying DJI drones ( I had 7 altogether) I still have 2. 2 lost in action and the other ones sold. I never had a faulty motor, maybe you had one but be very careful when attaching the propellers.
I am back to my P3's which never let me down. I love the thread way of attaching the prop. Can't go wrong here.

Sensors? I almost lost a Mavic Pro because it was not respecting the Litchi Mission speed due to the use of "collision avoidance" sensors..... At least turn off that function which triggers landing when very close to the ground or what thinks is ground, forgot what the name is. This will save you from landing unintentionally on roofs, power lines, water and so on.

Take it easy, fly around you first and take it gradually farther and farther away. Learn about the wind and how it affects your aircraft, this is no 1 killer I believe for new pilots who jump straight on long-range flights or "helps" them crash on the side of the neighbor's house. I did both on my first 2 months.

Make sure you know what Atti mode is and when it is triggered. Even if you do not have the option to select it, it will still kick in if you have compass or GPS issues. This will explain to you what the feared "fly away" is. Is it just auto-switching to Atti mode (this is the hold of altitude only-not position) and the drone goes where the wind takes it.
Losing a drone can be very frustrating, so use a learning curve :) which greatly reduces the chance of going around unfriendly terrain looking for your baby.
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May 31, 2020
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Hi again chaps,

Just wanted to update you all on what happened with this.

I raised a "Fly away case" with DJI, that's what they call these issues and I explained everything, sent them the various log and DAT files and the cached video of the flight.

After a week or so they got back to me and alongside other stuff in the email, the main thing was this:

"The unfortunate incident that occurred to your aircraft has been confirmed as a warranty case according to our data analysis. If the aircraft cannot be recovered, we would like to offer you a replacement, Mavic Air 2 (without the remote controller and battery charger)."

I was of course very happy to read this and I admire DJI for acting with integrity. I think I am now a customer for life.

Thanks again for all your help and input on the subject here in the forum.
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