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Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Vision + Discussion' started by DownunderPhantom, Aug 28, 2014.

  1. DownunderPhantom

    Jun 27, 2014
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    Grafton, New South Wales, Australia
    Hello All,

    I have my bird coming back from the Australian DJI Authorised repair center and they have determined that there is no problem with my bird.

    Some of the problems I reported are.

    1. 1 of the motors when turned manually has a different resistance and sound to the three other motors.
    2. An error on the App "Compass Calibration Required" appears sometimes before or after flights.
    3. IOC, Home Loc and Course Loc not working sometimes even though the Phantom is in GPS mode with 7 or more satelites and home location identified.
    4. Camera tilts from horizontal a few degrees intermittantly, I supplied video of the problem.

    There were other issues which were written down on the RMA

    These problems have manifested themselves after coming back from repair for a dancing gimbal after the Return to Home Function failed.

    The Technicians test results are as follows and my concerns are in Bold and underlined.

    1, Power on and connect Phantom to computer
    IMU Data correct, Battery discharge 22 times, battery got 93% of life, Phantom at NAZA-M Model.

    2, Connect Wi-Fi and connect camera via APP
    Wi-Fi connected, Camera connected, Gimbal work good.

    3, Taken Flight Test
    GPS module found 7 satellite within 2 minutes; take off stabilized; hovering function working correct; take stress testing (Up and Down, Left and Right sharply) about 15 minutes to get first level power warning; Found aircraft off-course when strong wind pass through. Need to do calibration. Was a compass calibration done prior to the test flight as per the DJI Manual for a new location, if it was wouldn't that indicate a problem, if not wouldn't that indicate that the tech was not doing his job properly

    4, 2nd Test Flight after all calibration done
    GPS signal good (found 7 satellite within 2 minutes); Wi-Fi connection signal good (signal strong at 100m range); hovering function working correct. It can resist strong wind (Aircraft revise off-course automatically).

    5, Take return home function test during 2nd Flight test.
    Turn S1 switch on remote controller to down position (Aircraft located 100m away from home point, 50m altitude), aircraft LED light flash Yellow, descend to 20m altitude, then move back to home point, and it slowly descend to landing on home point, turn off motor automatically when landed. the setting in the assistant software that I had set for control switch S1 was GPS - Atti - Atti. There was no mention of changing the settings in the assistant software at serial 1, was this my Phantom. When Return to Home is initiated, if the craft was higher than 20m it should stay at that height when returning home, if it was lower it should ascend to 20m then return to home, IS THIS A NEW and DANGEROUS FEATURE

    6, Take IOC function test during 2nd Flight Test.
    Turn S2 switch on remote controller to down position (Aircraft located 150m away from home point, 75m altitude), pull back aircraft to home point successes. Which way was the craft pointing when Home Loc was activated, should have been indicated.

    Two of the issues have not even been mentioned in the report, the camera tilting and the difference in motors.

    How can a technician say there is no problem with a device when it was described as intermittent and only two flights were conducted and on the first test flight there was a problem. They also supplied some ground video and still pics taken from the camera. In some of the still pics there is a tilt to the camera as seen by the angle of the horizon, but still there is no fault.

    I can supply the pics from their tests and also video that I supplied.

    Did they do any bench testing like a normal repair facility or just did what nearly every Phantom owner out there does on nearly every flight.

    If there was a possibility of a problem with a motor I would be testing ESC's, motors, voltages, etc, on idle, under throttle everything for each motor. If the results were consistent between motors then that would indicate there was an unlikely problem with any motor, but to take it out and just do two flights and say nothing is wrong with it, in my opinion is very poor.

    I have worked in a computer repair work shop down to board level and know how much of an intermittent problem can be to find. The assistant software indicated that the battery had been recharged 22 times which would equate to about 22 flights (I do have a spare battery which I alternate and which was with the bird at the repair center) so in all about 44 flights. In those flights the problems would have manifested themselves at least ten times, which in turn equates to the problem happening approx every 4.4 flights. In saying that, the tests conducted were insufficient to have the problems manifest themselves again.

    When talking to the manager on one occasions he constantly refereed to the Phantom Vision Plus as a toy. If that is the attitude of all the employees at that facility, how are customers supposed to be confident in the way they repair the equipment if they treat it as a TOY..

    Rant finished....

    On a lighter note, the hobby shop I purchased the bird from has been fantastic and are offering me a deal when the bird comes back from the "repair center"
  2. nintendrone64

    Feb 19, 2014
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    Simi Valley, CA
    Send it to Dronefly.com