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HEY SANTA. I'm sitting here dreaming. 'Future of possible'

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by phantomoperator, Nov 6, 2014.

  1. phantomoperator

    Apr 12, 2013
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    As I sit here in my den looking out of the window, all I see is solid dark cloud, rain and half a gale at least rumbling around the eaves. It's just not a day for flying anything . So what to do?

    Well, Christmas is coming and as DJI say they are the 'Future of possible' so what and how would I see my perfect set up.
    So in imagination for now, but who knows what the future does hold for us lesser mortals who have to watch the pennies I would like to do this.
    I would sit in the back of a people carrier with the rear windows tinted to stop any reflections or glare on screens . In front of me facing aft (a nautical term) would be a table and beyond that across the rear would be a 30 in TV plasma screen. That would be run by a small generator outside.

    Now I am working backwards towards myself here. Attached to that would be a an HDMI cable to an iPad on the table where there would also be a Slave or Buddy TX which in turn would be cabled to the Master Tx which would be outside the vehicle so that the GPS and WIFI would not be blocked by the metal cave I am sitting in.

    On the roof would be possibly a 2 metre square folding plywood landing pad.
    Oh there might be an antenna tracker but that might not be necessary as being more of a photographer than a wild pilot I won't be going far.

    During a day such as the one I am writing in I would plan my next venture. OK Mission Planner is with us now. But I prefer the P2V+ waypoint setup we already have if only it would do it properly and let us SAVE missions, and stop at waypoints to let us take control, do all the photo stuff and then continue the mission instead of just starting over and over.

    So how would the mission play out. Let us say we want to go and video a trip to an old set of mine buildings. Now here I am using actual places where I live.
    Right, It's a nice warm sunny day with little wind (Though we do get a lot of it here on the Island) and we, that is 'her in doors' and me as she is my spotter (True) drive to the site as near to the 'planned' take off point as possible.

    The Txs are switched on, and the Quad is then fired up and placed on the Landing Pad on the roof. While the GPS is locating satellites and the WiFi is doing its thing I get comfortable. As it all goes live I see on the TV in full glorious HD exactly what the quad camera is seeing. Oh yes we will be getting full HD video streaming in the next generation methinks and 4K cameras.

    This is something I have done for real and it is truly amasing (Sp, sorry I'm a Brit) . Well not quite. But seeing a video of a flight as recorded on the P2V+ SD Card on a plasma HD screen is mind blowing.
    Right, the system is now working and the Home Point has been established right over the vehicle and he mission uploaded.

    The mission would START from point A and be flown. As it is not far 'spotter' would watch it while I wait until the quad gets to the first waypoint. Stop there, do what I need and then continue to the next and so on.

    On arrival over head I can take manual control and land,
    As an alternative, I can drive to some beauty spot and fly to my hearts content filming as I go, siting in almost luxury and being there in full wonderful HD.
    Will it happen? Probably....possibly....

    Father Christmas are you listening?

    In reality all this can and probably will happen next year. The 'Triumph' or 'Inspire' whatever it is going to be called will arrive and I think it will have 'lightbridge' installed as part of the package. That will give me full HD streaming. The other bits of the system are already available. The only thing that might not be incorporated is having the new Tx trainer port as a buddy outlet to another Tx rather than just to a simulator.
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