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Sep 8, 2017
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New York City!
Hello from NYC! I hope to learn about flying drones. Clearly, I have a lot to learn. Yesterday, I was down in the dumps about having an empty nest, last kid off the college... but he left his drone. :)

I watched some tutorials and my first flight was so much fun even though I cut my arm up when it crashed into the house and then I tried to catch it. :O BUT, I couldn't stop laughing and I couldn't believe how much fun it was and now I am hooked.

This morning I had 1 and 1/2 good flights but my luck was soon to run out. The low battery warning started sounding. Since it said I had 36% battery remaining... I thought I had at least a little time. Then the drone took off on it's own to land itself. Clearly, it has no obstacle detection because it hit a tree. To save myself, I ran back into my yard and it crashed into the street. One arm is snapped and the camera is not any longer attached to the drone... So now my kid is getting the Phantom 3 SE (along with DJI refresh). I can't wait until it comes.

Welcome to Phantom Pilots! :)

The Phantom manual has a lot of good information in it. It's really a must read before trying to fly. You can download it from DJI's website.
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Welcome to the forum .
I hope you will find our site helpful and look forward to any input , photo's/video's you might post .
Don't be shy and ask anything if you can't find it by searching .:)
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It is a pleasure to welcome you to the Phantom Pilots forum.
I hope that you will be able to use the forum to further your safety knowledge and for the exchange of innovative ideas and as a resource for current developments in DJI quadcopter’s.

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