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GPS signal lost

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Discussion' started by kendunn, Dec 7, 2014.

  1. kendunn

    Nov 27, 2014
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    I buy this demo Phantom 2 from BH, hover it in the yard for a cycle or two, make sure the compass is set, and then take it to a field, power up, and wait for the fast green go ahead. As soon as it takes off I know something is wrong, I have almost no control of it, it keeps climbing and veering off away from me and luckily clips a tree on a hill and knocks it down. No damage other than props. This is pretty far from anything except I realize there is a gas well very close and an antenna on it, not sure, but I imagine ham radio frequency. There are some high voltage power lines 150 yds away that pass through also.

    Fast forward I get my 2nd unit, fly a lot more around home, getting very comfortable with it, so I take it back to near where I was but up on a high knob, maybe 200 yds from the well and 300 from power lines. Power on the P2 and won't lock on GPS, get "ready to fly w/o GPS". Not going to do that, so I cycle the power, all is good now with GPS so I take off pretty confident. I fly out maybe 100 + yds and realize I am losing visual so I figure I had better bring it back but have a hard time getting oriented so I switch to home lock and pull back and it starts heading toward my house (which I can see, about 1/2 mile away 90 degrees from me and P2). Not good so I work with it and get it to me and when I do I notice no green lights, yellow again. I pull out my phone and check GPS signal, getting 18 satellites (I am on the highest point for miles, no trees either, clear day). I go home at that point. So any ideas as to what is going on? I had a 1st Gen HD Gopro (no wifi) on there w/o gimbal, so I know there shouldn't have been any interference from that (have a Hero 3+, FPV, and gimbal but not going to mount until I feel really confident).
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