Got my Phantom 4 Advanced back from DJI Care Refresh, gimbal vibration is gone.

Oct 4, 2016
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When I first bought my Advanced just over a year ago, the first thing I noticed was some jello in some of the footage. I asked DJI about it and they suggested gently moving the entire gimbal with the aircraft powered off in a circular motion in case there was a small piece of debris etc causing this. I did and it didn't seem to help. One thing I noticed was I could feel a definite vibration when putting my finger on the yaw(top) gimbal motor, whereas with my Phantom 4 there was none at all. The gimbal was also squealing loudly when calibrating the IMU, I send a video of it doing this to DJI and they said to send it in for servicing.

When I got the P4A back, the jello in the footage was gone, but the vibration was still there, but a lot less noticeable, probably about half as bad as it was before. Doing some reading about this it seems quite a few people had gimbal vibration troubles with the Pro and Advanced models.

About a month ago I had a bad crash on takeoff when the P4A strangely turned on its side and crashed, bending the landing gear. I was about 2 weeks away from my DJI Care Refresh running out, so decided to use it and sent it in. I just got my replacement back, oddly enough it still has the same Serial Number as my original, and I had to reactivate it like it was brand new. Perhaps because I extended my DJI Care Refresh for another year?

Anyways, when I was going through the IMU and vision sensor calibration etc. setting it up, I noticed the vibration in the yaw gimbal motor is completely gone, it feels the same as my Phantom 4.

I wonder if that had something to do with them seemingly dropping the Phantom line, then they figured it out, hence them promoting them again?

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